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If you are having trouble editing/adding your address or uploading documents to your account please try turning off your GSL (Global Settings Lock) and try again.

The following details are important for submitting a good Face Photo / Selfie

  • If you’re taking a photo via the device’s camera, ensure there is good lighting.
  • Your face and shoulders should be within the frame and directly facing the camera.
  • Do not wear sunglasses or a hat or anything that obscures your face.
  • If you’re uploading a Face Photo from your device, choose a recent high-quality photo.
  • Do not crop your image from a group photo.
  • Ensure that no sensitive information (usernames, passwords, etc.) is in the background.
  • When choosing a photo, choose one that is indoors.
  • Photos should be original, without any edits, and not taken by a professional.

Upload instructions

The Face Photo can either be taken using your device’s camera or uploaded from your computer to your account on the Get Verified > Intermediate tab.

If you do not see the section to upload the Face Photo on that page, contact support.

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