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For Intermediate and Pro level verification, we only accept valid government-issued ID documents.

What is an acceptable ID scan/photo?

Image requirements Reasons for rejection

✓ Full color image ✘ Image is black & white (or grayscale)

✓ All details on ID are readable ✘ Image has a watermark

✘ Image is blurred

✘ Image has any other obfuscation

✓ ID is well lit ✘ ID details are obscured by light glare or reflections (be careful with flash!)

✓ ID is in good shape ✘ ID is torn, badly damaged or has holes

✓ ID is in upright position ✘ ID is rotated sideways or upside-down

✓ ID occupies most of the image ✘ Too much space around the ID

✓ Background is visible all around the ID by 1-2 cm (1/2"-1") ✘ ID edge is cropped (even if "just a little bit")

In addition to the points above, IDs of US clients using Synapse must meet the following requirements:

US Image requirements Reasons for rejection

✓ Background is a contrasting color (e.g. dark for light colored ID) ✘ Background is the same or similar color as the ID

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